Insurance and Payment Considerations

TheraLabs products must be prescribed by a doctor for use. TheraLabs “fills” the prescription by renting or sometimes selling the device to the patient. TheraLabs normally pre-qualifies patients with insurance companies before the device is placed into service. For this pre-qualification, patient demographic information, a letter of medical necessity and a prescription are required. TheraLabs normally receives this information from the treating physician. TheraLabs then bills the insurance company directly. In some cases where insurance does not fully cover the device, the patient may incur a minimal charge. Today, interferential therapy is recognized, approved, and reimbursed by most insurance carriers - but not Medicare. For those cases where insurance does not cover the device, TheraLabs can rent the unit directly to the patient at a modest and affordable weekly rate.

Because of their flexibility and portability, the TheraLabs products can now provide a variety of interferential therapy treatments nearly anywhere - at home, at work, or in the car. They provide pain relief, reduce swelling and facilitate the healing process in a fashion that was virtually unavailable until now.

For more information about the purchase or rental of a TheraLabs product, please email us at or call (630) 420-2450.