How does Electrotherapy work?

Electrotherapy (and more specifically Interferential- IF -Stimulation) has three major clinical benefits: the reduction of pain, the stimulation of healing and the reduction in recovery time.

Pain reduction occurs because the applied electrical fields act to close the body's "pain gate mechanism". That is, pain signals are blocked from reaching the brain so that the patient never experiences them. In addition, electrical stimulation causes the body to produce more endorphins -- pain reducing chemicals made naturally by the body.

Interferential Stimulation also activates the body's motor nerves. This results in increased blood flow and reduced edema (excess fluid).

Electrotherapy is safe and comfortable. Interferential Stimulation and other Electrotherapies are completely drug-free and have no known side effects. The voltages used are low and the only sensation is one of slight vibration. For further information on the exact voltages, currents and frequencies used in TheraLabs products, see our Product Data Sheets.

Electrotherapy is not recommended, however, for patients with pacemakers or pregnant women. Consult your doctor with questions regarding these conditions.