TL1000 Being Applied to Knee

TL 1000 Portable Interferential Stimulator

Today, one of the most popular modalities in rehabilitation is interferential therapy. This modality increases blood flow, aids range of motion, reduces edema and improves pain control. The TheraLabs TL1000 provides state-of-the-art NMS and interferential stimulation in a highly reliable, dual channel, portable, American-made product. Five preset protocols and four programmable clinician protocols provide unmatched flexibility.

Coupled with this flexibility are intuitive, user-friendly controls that allow the selection of a variety of treatment parameters and the longest-life, fastest-recharging battery in it's class. Usage compliance is automatically monitored and compliance reports are efficiently generated using the optional software. The result is a comfortable and pleasant experience for the patient and vastly improved efficiency for the clinician. It’s no wonder that more than 30,000 units are already in use nationally.